Pedro Félix Mendes

Territory Manager @ Google for Work

Global Senior Executive:

Building high performance teams, with strong P&L management experience and customer face roles. Recognized by driving transformation in multi-functional, large, complex matrices environments. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, I am always keen on finding the next growth opportunity. Enthusiastic about people and clients, I excel when I have space to drive business to high performance and to new grounds.
I have managed successfully emerging markets (focus on fast growth) as well as mature ones (focus on profit and growth). My experience spans across sales, marketing and services goes from very large clients to smaller ones, Value and Volume business, Direct Sales as well as Channels.
Deep experience including product management, channel marketing and integrated marketing communications – developing branding, value propositions, positioning, messaging, public relations, media mix planning, sponsorships and advertising. Created a culture of customer focus and adaptability—understanding buying preferences, market sizing, segmentation, product positioning, pricing. Digital emphasis on mobile marketing, online, social networking, search engine optimization, e-commerce, e-care, customer acquisition, retention and loyalty.
I am a leader with strong focus on high performance teams while adhering to the highest standards of integrity. I would best define myself as someone that manages to bring together the drive for results and the passion for people.

Specialties: General Management; Strategy; Execution & Leadership; Sales & Marketing Management; Brand Building; Product Launch; Partnerships; Distribution Channels; Team Building & Motivating

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